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Every digital marketing agency claims they provide results, but WebUpgrade is an agency driven by the proven results of your individualized marketing plan. Instead of waiting for results, we plan, build, and optimize your successful digital personality based on proven SEO techniques and real-time results. From day one, your website works to generate more traffic to your facility and our team uses these results to improve your visibility across the web.

Who are we

WebUpgrade is a modern digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. As specialists in the medical digital field, we understand how busy your team is taking care of the patients who depend on you. That’s why we provide customized solutions to help you meet the needs of your patients. It’s the goal of our team to provide your team with the convenient, successful digital presence you need to target your ideal customers and continue to grow your successful business.

We take a results-driven and SEO-focused approach to build and optimize your individualized website in a way that generates more leads, and ultimately, conversions. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all methods for marketing. Every digital marketing plan and website we create is customized to share the details of your unique facility and the individualized services you provide. By customizing solutions for our clients, we have helped our clients grow by 200x in targeted
organic traffic.

medical marketing team

What we are about

Our SEO experts in Los Angeles, California have the experience to understand the digital needs of facilities in the medical industry. Your customers depend on your website to provide valuable information to help them stay healthy. This makes a convenient, easy-to-navigate website an essential part of your successful business. We meet these needs with a proprietary speed plug-in to guarantee faster website load times, keeping your visitors on your site. We take our services one step further with dedicated account managers who educate you on digital marketing and provide transparency at each step of the process.

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Who we serve

As a digital marketing agency, we serve a variety of clients who desire to expand and grow a business with the modern technology their customers depend on. We specialize in the healthcare industry, providing the benefits of SEO best practices to all types of medical and dental facilities. Today’s consumers depend on a variety of healthcare facilities and dental facilities to meet their medical needs. Every medical agency is forced to find new ways to provide patients with valuable digital content to help them make informed decisions about their health. Our SEO experts in Los Angeles provide all medical and dental companies with the services they need to compete in a digitally charged space. We provide services for all types of dental and medical facilities, including:

Specialty Clinics

Dental Facilities


Medical Facilities

Plastic Surgery Clinics

Medical Spas

Aesthetic Medical Facilities

and more

Our mission

It’s our goal to provide medical and dental facilities of all types with the leverage to utilize your digital presence to provide your customers with the vital services they need. Like many other industries, the age of information has changed the face of healthcare. Your patients have the ability to seek the services that best meet their needs. While the idea of incorporating digital advertising into the way you serve your patients can be intimidating, it also provides you with renewed opportunities to target more patients than ever before. It’s our mission to provide healthcare facilities with the tools they need to target ideal customers and continue to grow successful businesses that provide vital services.

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